Book Review: Falling Upward (Richard Rohr)

Falling UpwardReviewed by the Rev. Alex Dyakiw, who serves as deacon at St. John's Episcopal Church, Bellefonte.

Every now and then an author writes a book about the journey of life. Fr. Rohr has done so in his book Falling Upward in such a way that touches our heart, soul and our core spiritual being. In thirteen chapters he has been able to identify two halves of life; early and later. He gently uses Jesus, the gospels, early spiritual fathers, the twelve steps and a host of other references. We can now identify the who, what and where that our life’s journey is taking us.

Until you and unless you give your life away to others, you do not seem to have it yourself at any deep level” (pp. 154). I have listened to the audio version, read by Fr. Rohr, numerous times and have read the book many times in order to grasp the many concepts of adult life that he presents.

I have been able to use many of his concepts when visiting prisons, nursing homes, church counseling and in my own spiritual direction with others. Fr. Rohr, a Franciscan Monk for fifty years and a priest for over forty years, has, with gentleness, changed many of my own thoughts and triggered many new ones to contemplate and pray about. Many thanks for a fine work of literature that is a guide to so many who ask the question "What Now?"